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I have been on and off Lotemax since Jan 2010.  I keep having recurrent SEI after I stop or taper the steroid.  My concern is that I keep having to go to different doctors due to schduling conflicts I am concerned about the damage the drops could be doing to my eye.  I have only had my pressure measured twice and that is bcause I asked for it.  Three weeks ago pressure was about 15 in both eyes yesterday it was 18 and 17.  Keep in mind this is a different practice so they did not have the pressure on file.  This doctor wants me on steroids 4x a day for another 2 weeks before I come back.  I am afraid of doing this because it seems as if the steroids work while I am on them but the condition just returns when I try to taper.  I am experiencing constant pain and pressure behind one eye from which I am being refered to a neurologist.  I am just frustrated and scared this has been going on since late December when I was diagnosed with EKC.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Unfortunately, this is the treatment for EKC.  If the pressure goes up the doctor can add medications to lower pressure.

Dr. O.
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Thank you for your response.  in your professional opinion have i been on steroids for long enough to be concerned about a risk of glacoma and if i continue the therpy for another couple of weeks do you think the SEI will truely subside or am i just in a vicious cycle that of which seems there is no end.  
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