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Is partial loss of vision due to Visian ICL?

My lower left corner vision on one eye  is gone.  Like a dark spot.  It is barely noticable.  I noticed it recently and went immediately to a Ophthalmologist.  The O. did a bunch of tests on my eyes.  The O. ruled out glaucoma and retina detach.
The O. said my ICL (phakic IOL) is out of position, but O. wasnt sure if out of position would cause vision loss.
O. then sent me for MRI.  O. said nothing abnormal in the MRI report.   O. wants me to come back in 2 weeks to repeat a test.

O. advised me to start thinking about having the ICL removed.  Can a out of position ICL cause a dark spot in corner of vision?

It is Visian ICL.  I had it implanted  5 years ago, to correct my -9 myopia.

Currently, the loss of vision have only a small impact on my daily life.   But I am worry the condition will get worse.
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I have sent your question to an internationally known surgeon who uses that ICL. I'll post his response soon.  
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Probably due to the COVID 19 epidemic no answer has been received.  One test that should have been done is macular OCT, visual field test, dilated retina exam, Amsler grid testing. If all of those are normal then it might just be a visual aberration from the ICL. Would probably get a second opinion before removing when things get back to normal.
These special tests were done...
1. 200d Retina Laser Scanning SLO
2. Optical Coherence Tomography OCT
3. Specular Microscopy SM
4. Visual Field VF
5. MRI

Doc said the results show no retina detach nor nerve damage.

On my following visit, I had the VF test second time.  Doc thinks the slight  ICL mis-position should not cause my vision loss.  And Doc believe I might have early Glaucoma, despite my pressure being normal (17).  Doc gave me Xalatan eye drops to reduce the eye pressure some more.

I am thinking I will have the ICL removed when things are back to normal.  I have read some stories of ICL-glaucoma complications,  and they really scare me.  

Thanks for your help.

If you have glaucoma your Visual Field should show a field defect in the area you are aware of it, plus the Nerve fiber layer OCT should show significant thinning in the area of the optic nerve that corresponds to where you see the defect.  ICL can cause glaucoma but generally it is high pressure glaucoma due to inflammation or the drainage angle of the eye.   Glaucoma is unlikely and you might want to see a glaucoma specialist.
yes, Doc said both VF test results show a defect in the area I am aware.  Doc also said optic nerves looks fine.
Okay, best of luck.
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The O. said the ICL is slightly not centered.
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