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Issues with eyewear

I seem to be having a couple of issues with my first pair of eyewear. Firstly, the biggest issues I've noticed was that the environment's colour through the glasses look completely pale or whitened almost as if there's a light fog, although sitting infront of a monitor this problem isn't as big because the colours are darkened on the monitor.
I've had the eyewear for around 3 days and wore them longer than what I didn't wear them in those 3 days. The optometrist said it would take 3 days to adapt to the new eyewear but honestly I dont see that big of a change.

The lenses are cleared of any smudges so that cant be the issue.
Another issue is that flat surfaces look tilted from a certain angle, this is not apparent once I remove the glasses. Motion with the glasses causes confusion with regards to estimation and coordination.

I should mention that the optometrist indicated that I needed the glasses as a result of my left eye being weaker than my right eye which is also the reason why I unwittingly tilt my head when doing focus-based activities.

The eye test itself went quite fast, it took around 10 minutes for him to draw that conclusion.

Could anyone tell me what exactly is going on here?

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Just the general quality of looking through the glasses just degrades greatly compared to my eyesight. Colouring and looking to the corners of the glasses are very bad.
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I forgot to mention but there are anti-glare coatings moulded onto the lenses
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I've also tried putting on a friend of mine's prescription multi-focal glasses and I was shocked to see that the colouring did not change a bit compared to my eyesight when looking through those glasses this leaves me to believe that there is possibly something wrong with mine.

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Antiglare coating is an add on for sales.  It is only necessary if you are having problems with glare.  They also rub off as you clean them.  I had one pair with antiglare coating and did not like them.  Never got coating again.

Dr. O.
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