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Itchy watery eyes & Patient Etiquette

I am experiencing moderately increased tearing for the past couple of weeks.  My eyelids and the facial skin at the outer corners of my eyes are quite tender.  It feels like the tears are causing a mild burning to my skin.  I would welcome some indication of what this condition is.  

I would make an appointment with my eye doctor, but in the past, when I had, or even thought I had an eye infection, he has been alarmed that I (or any family members with symptoms) came into his office and contaminated it with whatever contagion we might have.  He said that he was a surgeon and could not have his hands or his examining equipment contaminated.  While I understand that precaution, I don't know if this is actually an infection, and even if it is, how am I to get it treated, if he does not want to examine me?
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I always welcome patients who have infections.  We have very stringent protocols for cleaning down equipment and rooms after all patients, so I do not see infection spread to be an issue.  How else are we supposed to make them better.  In fact, what if the patient got much worse and lost his or her eye due to an  infection that was not allowed to be seen.   You get the idea.  YOu may have allergies, eyelid problems, eye inflammation, infection or other problems.  You may need to find another ophthalmolgist that is willing to take care of you.
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Thank you for responding to my question.
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If I were you, I would report that particular doctor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons as soon as possible and get him/her investigated.
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