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Laserr barrier Surgery

I had Laser barrier surgery two days ago during an appointment with my Retina specialist. They told me right as they were examining my eyes that it NEEDED to be done. Now I notice that when I am staring straight or if I look up there is a blacked-out area in the lower left side and bottom of my eye/visual field. Can laser barrier surgery cause more harm than good? I have another appointment in 6 weeks for another OCT scan and laser barrier surgery in my left eye.

Also, they stated that my vision was "relatively unchanged" but my left eye went from 20/100 to 20/200 and my right eye went from 20/200 to 20/400. So what does that exactly mean, I think my vision has gotten worse but the term they used (relatively unchanged) to me means that it hasn't really changed, so which is it?
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Cystoid Macular Degeneration Of Retina OU-Stable
Retinoschisis Unspecified OU-New (since this is rare in females I have to undergo more tests to confirm it is the juvenile x-linked form)

This is everything I have been diagnosed with. I had the Laser surgery because of the 3 retinal holes in the right eye. I have three more in the left eye, so I'm getting laser done in 6 weeks for that one. They believe that my vision has decreased further because of the 3 cataracts in the left eye and the 2 in the right eye have noticeably changed for no apparent reason, (I am not suffering from any health issue that would normally cause these changes such as diabetes). Only a year ago my vision was 20/40 in both eyes. They also briefly mentioned amblyopia but didn't really go into a deep discussion. I also take dorzolomide eye drops, in hopes to decrease the swelling in my retina from the cystoid macular edema.

In August I meet with the genetic retinal specialist, they want to have Electroretinogram performed. I have read about it but I am not a medical person, so I don't know what they are looking for.

I know it seems like a lot for one set of eyes to have to endure but I got a second opinion and they unfortunately confirmed everything.
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You need to call your doctor.  I am not sure what he is treating.  What is your diagnosis? and why is your vision decreased?

Dr. O.
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