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Lower eye lid drooping after surpgery to repair orbital blockout fracture

On August 18 (1 month ago) I had surgery to repair a fractured zygoma, orbital floor and walls.  A Subciliary incision was made in my lower eyelid to get to do the orbtal repair (used 4 titanium plates). Also the plastic surgeon used an existing cut (it was recent and part of the trauma that resulted the aforementioned fractures). The doctor said the surgery went well and thinks it's healing nicely

I am not comfortable with my lower lid.  There is little movement up and down and it seems very stiff.  The white of my eye exists more on the effected eye.  Also when I close my eye the bottom lid doesn't meet the top (doesn't close al the way).  I've been experience blurry vision in that eye and the doctor suggested it was because it is not fully blinking.  I read that the scare tissue from the incision(s) may effect the eye-lid movement.  Can you give me advice on if this will resolve in time, will my lid’s mobility and full blinking come back?

Thanks for listening .
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It sounds like the muscle that moves the lower eye lid may have been trapped somehow, pulling the muscle and eyelid downward and preventing it from moving properly during a blink.  This can cause drying of the cornea which leads to blurred vision.  If you did not have the surgery by an oculoplastics surgeon (Eye MD) you should see one promptly.  You can find one at www.aao.org.  This is a different type of doctor from a plastic surgeon.
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Thank you for your response.  I have contacted my doctor to get a referral to a surgeon I found on the web site you suggested.

The plastic surgeon is advising me to massage the eye incision and entire area to get the tissue moving.  Does this sound incorrect?  Sorry I know it's likely I'd get a better answer once I see the oculoplastics surgeon.  Can this repaired, if possible and how?

Thanks again.
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