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My right eye is red/pink.

About a week ago, my right eye was a little red below the Iris/Cornea/the black part of the eye.

It was not even visible unless looked carefully or was not even itching or paining. And it went away 2 days back or I didn't notice it that much. Now today after I got up, my right eye was normal or I didn't notice any substantial redness. However, a couple of hours after getting up, suddenly I saw that my right eye was red again and this time not just below the Iris but almost all of the white part plus itching and causing a bit of irritation and was more moist than usual. There's not much discharge from the eye as it has been only a few hours.

Is it conjunctivitis or some allergy or due to rubbing it or the red a few days ago was due to a foreign object entering the eye?

I sent a pic to my family doctor and he says its conjunctivitis. However, should I go to a eye specialist. Cause I am worried why my eye was only a little red before and now suddenly after a week it is full red/pink?

Or could the infection causing conjunctivitis have spread due to not treating it for the first 7 days?

Please Reply I am worried as I am always scared to go to a doctor and its the first time I have ever had a red eye or conjunctivitis or something of that sorts.

I do have glasses though.
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This sounds like allergic conjunctivitis. Treat the allergy as directed by your doctor. It's natural for the eye to become red quickly. Try not to worry so much, but get an exam.

Timothy D. McGarity, Medical Doctor, Ophthalmologist
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Thank you!

I visited an eye specialist today and he said the same thing that its allergic conjunctivitis and nothing to worry about. However, everywhere that I have read, they mention allergic conjunctivitis just cannot happen in one eye but both of them.

However, my other eye looks perfectly normal. The affected eye is still as bad as it was yesterday,even though I have used the drops.
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