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Myopia (short sightedness)

I am a student 14 yrs old
i have spectecale of power -3.00 and -3.25 in the left and right eye respectively
my power keeps increasing every 6 months by.50 or .25
pls tell me how i can make this stop
and maybe even get my power to go down.
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Your eye is growing just like the rest of you. Just as you have no choice about how tall you will be you have no control on how myopic you will be. Growth stops eventually as does increasng myopia.

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Thank you sir,
Can u give me any ideas n how to bring this increase to stop or maybe make it slow down?
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It is extremely frustrating to see the hopelessness that is present in the medical community about ability to improve  eyesight.  Deterioration is taken for granted and there is precious little effort or advise given to stop or reverse the process.  Our 8yr old daughter started wearing glasses a year back and it has rapidly deteiorated to  power of over 4. The "doctors" said they really cant help except  prescribing glasses - I was frankly amazed, dismayed, frustrated and angry. After researching a lot on my own, I discovered many people who have improved their eyesight  through alternative methods - which they had to resort to because medical community would just turn them away!! A friends kid improved his eyesight from -3.75 to 0.75 over 1yrs using the Bates system and we are now trying that. Many of the people who resort to these are dismissed by doctors we contacted as  being quacks  or hoaxes - a shocking attitude  because these are real people who are screaming to be heard! But they dont fit into the text books the doctors learnt and therefore are wiped away from reality. I am just shocked!!
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You are way off base. There are literally billions of dollars that are being spent on medical research on the eye and it has paid off hugely in better drugs for infections, HIV, glaucoma, diabetes, blood vessel blockage, macular degeneration both wet to name a few. Also much better and safer operations for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, oculolastic surgery.

There are hundreds of millions of people that are able to go without glasses thanks to Lasik, refractive surgery and refractive/IOL surgery.

Much more is know about preventing diseases in the eye, many of which people fail to act on like stop smoking, don't get fat and exercise.

Physicians are always doomed to fail. Ultimately we die of something, moreover as people live longer they develop more chronic disease.

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