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N dysphotopsia after cataract surgery - does it recur in the other eye too?

I was diagnosed with ND in 2012. Is this likely to recur in my left eye too post surgery even if different lenses are used?  
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ND= negative dysphotopsia.   You should have a surgeon that is familiar with both positive/negative dysphotopsia, the incidence of each with IOLs of different design and lens material.  Sam Masket MD of Los Angeles CA is a world expert on PD and ND. He has designed his own IOL which is supposed to prevent ND. You and your surgeon might want to research it further especially if you have had ND since 2012.  LINK   http://www.ophthalmologytimes.com/modern-medicine-feature-articles/novel-iol-may-be-key-preventing-negative-dysphotopsia
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Thanks for your response Dr Hagan and the link.  Very interesting article - my surgeon said he will be doing some research to find out which lense he thinks will best suit me and I will speak to him in two weeks to discuss his findings.  If he is still in doubt as to whether ND will happen or not might postpone the operation until drs do more research into this uncomfortable phenomenon.  Thanks again.  
ND and PD have been around for a very long time and probably will be with us for a long time. If you need cataract surgery it's not realistic to wait till they are 'cured'    
My ND has not resolved for me after six years and is significantly more uncomfortable than having a cataract.  If I were to have it in my right eye too I will regret the decision to go ahead with surgery.  Thanks for your help but will have a discussion with my surgeon in a week and then decide.  
Sure best of luck.  If you have access to a world expert such as Sam Masket MD Los Angles at some point in the future it would be worth seeing them. recently a new operation for ND has been described in a major journal where then cut off the nose side of the IOL.    This is a LINK   https://www.jcrsjournal.org/article/S0886-3350(18)30030-0/fulltext
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