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Nevi on caruncle?

About 2 days ago I whipped myself in the eye pretty hard with a dish towel.  It hurt well enough for about 30 minutes.  Two days later as I was fussing with eyes (make-up, tweezing) I saw a brown spot on my caruncle.  I know this was not there before (since I fuss a lot with my eyes).  So I went to my optometrist to look at it and she said it was a Nevi.  How could a nevi form so quickly since I know I did not see it before I hit myself in the eye.
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You could not form one that quick. What was quick was your awareness of it when you started looking at your eye carefully.
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Yes,  I cannot believe I did not see it when putting on my makeup (eyeline, mascasca, upclose eyebrow tweezing) before hitting my eye.  Two days after the hit, upon doing my same makeup process, I immediately saw it - did not have to look really hard either.  That is why I am pretty sure it was not there a couple of days ago.  It is small and brown - the outside perimeter has a very light brown fade to it.  I thought, although brown and not red it had to be from the hit, but the optometrist said it looked more like a Nevi, unless a bruise could look like a nevi, she was not sure.   So I am concerned about what it is.  
I can't tell you what it is. I can tell you a nevus does not form in 48 hours.
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