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Now need Laser Posterior Capsulotomy After Cataract Surgery & 2 RD'S, what next?

So after seeing my eye doctor, It was scheduled for me by the eye doctors office to schedule with my cataract surgeon for further evaluation on eye issues.  My eye sight in my left eye was worsening after only a few months since my last visit plus,  I have also been experiencing a great amount of glare in bright lights and the sun which continue to be hard to bear.  The eye doctor said I have swelling in both eyes, some scarring, and The left eye has some bleeding.  I had cataract surgery in March of 2014.  I had retinal detachments in July and October of 2013.  

My cataract surgeon suggested I schedule for a YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy, which is quick and will clear up the distortion and glare, one eye at a time.  I am not thrilled about having another surgery obviously, but feel confident in the doctors I am seeing for this, yet am concerned just the same!

Any surgery has risks, obviously...!  Further RD'S?  Is the surgery making that more possible, or if I don't do this procedure would my eyes continue to have increased glare and scarring and loss of vision?  

I have to admit that my concerns come from having one thing after the next, and possibly causing more future issues because of another intervention or surgery of sorts?  How much can the eye take, and at what point is more surgery making it worse, or not worth the added risks?
What is the recovery time from this procedure?  At what point, if I go ahead with this surgery as scheduled, do I know that this has been successful?

Thank you for any insight you may have
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I hope you have gotten an appt. with the retina surgeon. If your general ophthalmologist makes the call to the specialist you might get in faster if by calling yourself you don't get in as soon as you'd like. My YAG was nearly a month ago.
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Thanks!  Yes, I got an appointment for a week from this Thursday with my retinal surgeon.

Thinking back, my eye doctor wanted the retinal doctor to check the health of the macula and overall eye health.  She said my cornea had some swelling.  Also, she mentioned that she had seen one pin point hemorrhage in my left eye, prior to the YAG.  She commented that she wasn't sure if the cataract surgeon was just addressing one issue, to be able to see more clearly if there is something else that needs to be addressed.

I do have a headache again today, and am unsure if it is related to the eyes, or just a coincidence?  I don't know about you, but each change that occurs it is sometimes challenging to know when to be concerned and when not to.  
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Hi Greenbaypat:

I hope you got reassuring news about your eye health from the retinal surgeon today!

Best wishes.
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Thank you!  I guess only someone who knows the struggles, or fear of it all involved...anyhow, I actually was able to get in late yesterday afternoon & the surgeon actually had an emergency come up as I was there!?!  ...ugh, and I know what that is like, FULL Well!  My appointment was basically completed, but I with it all wasn't able to get prescriptions until today.

So...After seeing my eye doctor, (as you know, or is in this string of postings...). and now seeing my retinal surgeon, at a minimum I have swelling in both eyes.
The retinal surgeon started me on two prescriptions with a follow up in about 4 weeks.  Prednisolone 4 times a day
and   -- Bromfonac 2 times a day.(spelling?)
In the meantime, my cataract surgeon proceeded to call me this afternoon as well!!!  He called to check in and see what was going on.  He then said he wanted me to schedule another appointment and come in one week to see him(he did both eyes with the cataract surgeries a year ago, and the one YAG in my left eye).   The cataract doctor said I should have my eye pressure checked again, be dilated, and a glacoma test and not sure if/what else.  Also, to hold off and evaluate and treat the situation at hand before going further.  My eyes have been through a great deal in just under two years.
He said if the drops don't level things out, I might get the SHOTS!!?!   Yikes, I don't like the sounds of shots in my Eyes!

My vision has decreased, with some blurriness, some discomfort, along with swelling.
But, even though it appears I am experiencing ongoing problems,
I do feel very lucky to have such a great team of doctors who apparently are working together quite well!  I do credit my eye doctor with making this happen, she has been the engine behind it all, for sure!

Where are you at with your eyes?  Your prognosis &/or next procedure?  
Have you had the shots?

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I am sorry for all you are coping with--it's a lot. I have been taking two drops for the swelling, including Prednisolone. I created a chart to keep track, and have followed all instructions to the letter (waiting the recommended time between the two types of drops, shaking the bottle if that's in the directions, etc.).
My first appointment after being on this regimen for several weeks was this week, and the scan showed a big improvement! So I will be continuing with the drops for now, in hopes of further gain. The shot was mentioned to me, too, at an earlier appt.
I started a glaucoma drug last year to control pressure. It is working well.
Sounds like you do have a great team working on your behalf. Keep up the positive energy!    
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Wow!  Sounds like a similar story and treatment plan!  You have no idea how good it is to hear that your appointment has shown a big improvement!!!  I needed to hear that, as you know how the doubts and fear seem to creep into your thought process....   Ugh!?!

I do get checked next week, so am hoping they can see more clearly that there isn't anything else and things are staying in some control...

I also am going to check and see if what I feel in my eyes now, is dryness, and if I should still be using the preservative free drops in between or not?

Do you have glaucoma?  Or is it just pressure issues?  How high is your pressure, if I can ask?  What is high?  Mine have been 18-21.... Varying in those ranges, at least lately anyhow.  What is the drug?  Is it preventative or like a blood pressure type thing?  Is it drops or oral?  

I apologize for all the questions, but am curious as it appears I may have the same needs...also, my dad has had a number of eye issues, as of late...

Thank you, and keep me updated on your progress.  
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