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Outcome with 1 symfony lens and 1 monofocal lens implant?

I have 1 symfony lens, excellent vision but a lot of halo, starbursts, etc.  I accept the trade off for my RE.  I am afraid to implant another symfony in LE.  I would rather have a monofocal, probably set for distance.  I am was -4.5 in both eyes, with 2.5 add.  Any feedback would be most appreciated.  Thank you
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I have a similar situation.  I have a Tecnis Multifocal Low Add +2.75 in left eye and need to do the right eye.  Overall I like the Tecnis Multifocal, but it splits and reduces the light and even though it is a low-add lens, I have enough night-vision issues that it is very stressful to drive at night.  Therefore I was looking for another IOL option for my right eye that will balance out the night vision effects of the Tecnis Multifocal.  I was thinking about having the Tecnis Symfony implanted in my right eye.  I have read articles that those 2 lenses work well together, but I have also read that some people see cobwebs with the Tecnis Symfony lens, plus even if it doesn't split light, the spreading of the light over a longer depth of
focus might have an impact on brightness.

Trying to get information on some other options, but trying to find an Ophthalmologist in my area that is knowledgeable about all the lens options and mixing the lens is impossible.  

I see there is a new Extended Depth of Focus lens IC-8 which has begun FDA trials and there is the Light Adjustable lens that will hopefully be commercially available soon.    

Even thought the LAL is monofocal you can optimize the vision after the surgery so you could set it for micro mono vision.

Another option might be the Crystalens.  With it you should get at least good distance and intermediate vision.  

Feel free to PM me and we can share articles / information.

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Read this:  https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/841991/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You

Then use the search feature and read the comments, mostly negative about the Symfony IOL with complaints exactly like yours or even more troubling and upset. Some have even had the IOL removed.
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