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I was misdiagnosed as having pressure in my eyes and was given Latanoprost eye drops which I used for 5 days and my intuition told me to stop  it and get a second and third opinion which I did. I then found out I did not need to be on Latanoprost and my eye pressure was normal. I am only 45 and never had a problem with dark circles under my eyes which developed two days after I started using the eye drops. They're very bad, to the point that I can't stand looking in the mirror and I am staying home and avoiding being seen in public without sun glasses. It's been weeks and they're just as bad. I need to know if they'll ever go away. I hope and pray that they do. Thank you so much for your attention and forthcoming reply.
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I do not think that the dark circles are the result of Latanoprost.  It usually takes weeks of use for the circles to develop, and they do disappear if the drug is stopped.  Since yours have persisted, I do not believe that Latanoprost is the culprit.  See your ophthalmologist for an evaluation.  Also, intraocular pressures can fluctuate widely during the day, and may be completely "normal" at times in people who truly have glaucoma.  The diagnosis of glaucoma, however, is based more on the optic nerve appearance and health of the nerve than on the eye pressure.  Continue to be followed by your ophthalmologist for your eye pressure and optic nerve status, even though you are not on Latanoprost.
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Dear Dr. Fazio,

Thank you for your response. I am scheduled to see other specialists and hopefully get down to the real reason behind the sudden appearance of these awful dark circles. I will also be retesting and doing a closer evaluation of my eye condition. I appreciate your opinion.

Have a blessed week...

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