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PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment)

1. Does PVD heals on its own?
2.If it heals on its own, would the chance of getting retinal detachment from it go away after it heals?
3. What is the percentage that PVD will leads to Retinal tear or detachment?
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1. There is nothing to "heal". The vitreous has a very complicated structure and it changes with age. Parts of it liquidify and pockets of liquid form within the vitreous "jelly". Most people get PVD in higher age and some in younger age.
2. When the vitreous is detached there is no more traction on the retina at this spot.
3. I don't know the number. I think it is under 10 %. And it depends on the structure of your eye. Highly myopic people have higher risk.
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