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PVD/Vitreous liquefaction leading to cataracts/glaucoma?

Hi all,

I'm 34, and was diagnosed with PVD (posterior vitreous detachment) in my eye in September (partially, in that 50% of the vitreous membrane is detached). Having looked through MedHelp as well as other resources it appears that PVD doesn't lead to anything pathological, long-term (barring ERMs, RDs, retinal tears, etc. that occur during the vitreous detachment itself).

However, there is the "oxygen hypothesis" where the argument is that vitreous liquefaction (that triggers the PVD process) renders the once gel-like vitreous ineffective as an oxygen barrier against the circulation of oxygen from the retina to the lens. This increased oxygen mix leads to oxidative stress that is hypothesized to lead to cataract formation, and once the natural lens replaced during cataract surgery, affects the trabecular meshwork, in turn leading to POAG.

Much of the research (mostly Chang, Holekamp, Beebe, Siegfried, Sebag - not many outside this research circle) was focused on vitrectomy (PPV), but if we stretch things a little and think of PVD as a mild form of vitrectomy, since the vitreous is no longer gel-like/a protective barrier, would early PVD lead to early-onset cataracts and glaucoma? Theory is one thing, but empirically:

1) For the doctors/ophthalmologists: in a clinical setting, do you see this trend in patients, i.e. early PVD leading to cataracts/glaucoma years later?

2) For those who have been through PVDs: how old were you when you had PVD (how many years since), and have you had cataracts/glaucoma?

Thanks all - just feeling a little anxious/curious.
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