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Pain behind left eye for over a year

Hi, I've been having chronic pain behind my left eye now for over a year, it's not constant but at certain times it flares up and causes me agony, it also hurts a lot first thing after I wake up.

My left nostril is also blocked maybe 60% of the time while my right one is fine. My neck on the left side also sometimes flares up but doesn't hurt too much. Besides those I feel fine, no cold feeling or anything.

I've been to the doctor about this twice now and both times they've asked me to see an optician instead, when I went to the optician they put it down to dry eyes and told me to use gel eye drops, which don't do anything.

I've been looking it up and I think it might be sinusitis, what I've read says that antibiotics should cure it but I've had antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for a cough I had and it didn't change anything about my eye pain.

I also saw that sinusitis can be caused by a fungal/mould infection, and a few months before this pain started I did smoke some tobacco which I later found had mould growing inside (I've since given up smoking, 7 months and counting (: )

Does anyone else think it could be fungal sinusitis? And also what would be the best way to approach my doctor about this? I don't really want to be told to see the optician again when they just tell me to use eye drops :(
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The repetitive, one-sided nature of the headache, plus a blocked nostril on the same side and the time of day thing make me think of 'Cluster Headache.'  You can google it, and that may provide you with a lot of information and help.  wikipedia has a particularly good description.
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A simple eye pain can be a cause of a much serious problems. There are different treatments for this kind of condition, by determining its specific cause. You may schedule a follow up check up to your eye doctor if the prescribed eye drops didn't work. Or you may also try visiting a different eye doctor and let your eyes be evaluated. Sometimes, if all these treatments don't workout, a surgery is necessary. You can also try some home remedies like warm compresses and avoiding doing things that could cause eye strain.
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