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Painful pupil spasms

Hi all, I hope someone has an idea for me.  

For over a year, I've had episodes of one of my pupils having spasms, where it dilates and constricts rapidly for 10-20 seconds at a time.  It can happen 10 times in an hour or not at all, it can happen night or day, with glasses or without, light or dark, eyes open or closed, looking near or far, stressed or relaxed, etc.  I can't find a common trigger.  It went away for a couple months, now it's back and the pain is worse than anything so far.  My eye just aches and aches all the time now, that eye is becoming sensitive to sunlight, and the attacks are increasingly painful.  

I went to the eye doctor, and he said the eye looked healthy, and although I had an attack while he was examining me, he had no answers.  I had a CT scan today and am waiting for my doc to give me the results.  Can't find anything online with these symptoms, maybe someone knows?  Thanks in advance.
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Tolosa Hunt Syndrome is a possibility.

Dr. O.
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Thanks Dr. O!  I will look into that and ask my doctor too.  (CT scan was normal.)
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My name is Theresa N, I had this terrible pain for many year and donot know the illness. Thank you for information.
Can you please tell me what I have to do to prevent the problem.


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