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Pink eye

we seem to be passing pink eye around my office, this due to a lot of
co-workers with preschool kids, I have seem to have picked up the virus again.
can pink eye be treated by OTC medications or homeopathic remnedies, or
is it best to see my MD for the best treatment option?

thanx much
have a good day
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No it can't be Rxed with OTC. See you eye MD ophthalmologist for family MD.

Wash your hands often, don't touch eyes nose. Pink eye is less contagious than the common cold

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it is best to be seen by a doctor, but Simialson makes pink eye relief eye drops, I have pink eye a lot, and they work sometimes, sometimes they work just enough to give me a little relief until I can see the doctor....but with any kind of eye problems its best to see a doctor..I am a walking testimony..I kept getting what I thought was pinkeye, so I kept being treated for pinkeye. When I would go to the doctor, instead of letting him examine me first and then give me a diagnosis, I walked in the office, told him I had pinkeye, he saw that my eye was red, and confirmed that I had pink eye. The last time I had "pink eye" my doctor was unavailable, and the doctor that saw me, gave me a proper examination, and found that it wasnt pink eye that I was experiencing, I had irisitis, which is inflammation of the iris. Since I have been treated for that, I havent had any more problems. I am sure in your case, it probably is pink eye, since you have been exposed to it, I had never been exposed to pink eye when I had all of my troubles.

so maybe try the pink eye relief drops....they will probably help you some, they are like $10

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hi there
thanks so much for the suggestion for trying the Simialson OTC med.
I have heard about the drops, but was hesitant to try them. As you know, trying to get an Appt with a MD can take up to 2 days.  I can’t get into my Dr, until Weds. I think a
Urgent care is my next option for help.  I will give these a try & hopefully get some relief soon!!  

thnx & take care


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