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Please help me Sir....

Reina is not present naturally but to some extent I see. my eye sight is -12 from both eyes. i am now 23 years old. plz help me sir doctors from Pakistan has clearly said that this problem cann't be solved....plz help me regarding this. I am anxious.
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I understand you are very anxious and I really would like to help.  I need your help however.  Please ask your doctor what your real diagnosis is.  I need to know exactly what condition you have in order to give you any advise.  You must have retinas but I suspect that there was some problem in development leading to eye problems present from birth also called a congenital problem.  Many years down the road, we may be able to use gene therepy to correct a few of these problems, but if the retina is very damaged your future might include some type of artifical retina (like a computer chip) that is in development at the University of Southern California.  Check the following link about the artificial retina project.

God bless you and I hope maybe someday this technology may be able to benefit you.
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Sir the doctors from Pakistan, after diagnosis has said that there is no any retina naturally....also said that how it is possible even retina is not present but to some extent you are seeing....and why are you seeing....you must not see because there is nothing like retina through you are seeing....as narrated above that my eye sight is -12.

and doctors also said that if we doctors found any damaged retina,,,we can redress.......but there is no any retina, now what can we do...?

doctors also said that this can be possible if some one donate you eyes,,,we can can replace........sir as you said that this is congenital problem,,,so you are quite correct because since birht
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