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Question about floaters.

I've had floaters since I was in high school and I'm 20 years old now. I've gotten more floaters in my right eye but however I feel like sometimes when I turn my head there's this blind shade or something passing over my eye quickly. I've read some posts on these forums about people experiencing other things with their floaters like flashes and big circles and blood in their eyes. I'm gravely concerned that will happen to me. Does that happen to people who've had floaters for a long time? I'm scared that I'm going to go blind in my eyes with these floaters or this cloud of floaters. Can someone please explain how to get rid of it ? I've had a really bad migraine for the past week but I'm not sure if it's due to allergies or something else. During the period where I had my migraine my eyes were a bit sore and tender when I touched it and every time that I stood up pain would travel up to my brain and hurt really bad. Then I started noticing a hazy vision that flipped flop from my left to my right eye ! What does that mean. I'm so worried and I've been crying none stop having a panic attack. My fear is going blind. I just want things to go normal
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Okay Donjavon this is the 4th time you've asked essentially the same question about floaters.  Since you continue to post I'm assuming you are asking for discussion by other people that have them. I have no further comment. JCH MD
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I'm getting bad migraines and every time I take off my sunglasses I sometimes get this strip or something that causes my right eye to blur. I'm wanting answers on that. I read that it can be an ocular migraine and that it happens when your eyes aren't getting enough blood flow. I'm trying to figure out will there be other things that'll cause my vision to be abnormal like the big circles everyone has been seeing with floaters, or flashes and etc
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