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Recurrent Retinal detachment - High myopia


I am a patient of recurrent retinal detachment on my left eye due to high myopia and i would like to share my story and seek advice on how to take care of my eyes.

I have very high myopia from very young age. My parents found out about my myopia when i was 5 (i am now 30) and at that time my left eye is -7 and my right eye is -2. My myopia progress greatly through the years and 3 years ago, my left eye is at - 22 and my right eye is at -8.25.

My first detachment happen at early 2016 and i suspect it was due to me using the face brush machine on my eye. 1 month before that i have my retinal checked and it was fine. So for the 1st surgery, i have Pneumatic retinopexy with Scleral buckle. My recovery was fine (my vision was about 70% of before detachment) but 3 months later, it detach again. This time i went through Vitrectomy with silicon oil injection. 12 months later i have surgery again to remove the oil. 1 month later my retinal detach again. I did the silicon injection once again with 360° laser retinopexy. And the doctor told me that it's every thing that could have been done to my eye. This time my vision was so bad that all i could see is a gray-ish curtain. Before, i often check my eye sight and could tell if the retinal was detached or not but now all i can see is a gray-ish curtain and a very blurry field of vision (20%) on the top. I was told that my macular has ben degenerated.  

After went through 5 surgeries, i am very tired and scared about losing my eyes sight forever. I have live most of my life with 1 good eye (my right eye) but now the chance of losing all sight are real that i am scared. Giving that retinal detachment due to high myopia could happen to my good eye.

I am actively seeking advice on how to maintain my eye health, how to avoid all risk related and still living a normal life. I have read that i shouldn't do yoga (which i have been doing for the past 3 years) or exercise (i start going to the gym for about 7 months), or dancing. My work require me to use computer a lot and i am an internet addict.

If you have similar story or any advise, please share yours. It will be much appreciated. Thank you
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I also forgot to add my late grandmother was born blind in her left eye. She had 9 children, was a farmer & raised a huge garden, canned food, etc. and lived to be almost 80 years old! She had a full happy life with only one eye. Actor Johnny Depp is blind in his left eye as well, and has only fair vision in the right. We monocular people can do great things if we put our minds to it! ;)
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take good care of your good eye.
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I am 38/f. I have no experience with the exact situation you describe... However, I was born with a rare congenital cataract (Posterior lenticonus) in the left eye (it was inoperable in 1983 when discovered) & have 20/400 in that eye. So legally blind in left eye. I mostly have a little peripheral vision in that eye. I have 20/20 in right eye with glasses (RX -4.00) I am nearsighted as well. I have a LOT of floaters in my right eye & vitreous degeneration. So I too worry about damage to the good eye or future retinal detachments/tears as I age as well. Your concern is understandable.  My best advice is wear polycarbonate glasses to protect your good eye! Also eye protection during sports, lawn care, wood work, etc.! See your eye MD yearly as well... There are some good multi vitamins out there for eyes at walmart, walgreens, etc. (I personally take i-caps).  monocular vision   . Best wishes...
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You seem to be asking other people for their experience so I'll see if anyone does.
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