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Red veins and yellow areas in eye whites.

Hi all,
Recently I’ve started to notice multiple red veins in my eyes, and just recently some seemingly yellow spots. I have no noticeable change in my vision as of now, but these concern me.
Any ideas on what they are, and if they pose a threat to anything?
Here are the links to the photos:
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The appearance of your eye is within the normal range.  The amount of veins is not excessive. The yellowish spots are usually sun damage.  The about or 'red eyes' varies tremendously and in one person will change dramatically from time to time. Think about your eyes turning 'bloodshot' if you are crying, out in the wind, have allergies, around something irritating like smoke, have been drinking alcohol or using pot, etc.  There are many commercial 'whiteners' for the eye like Murine, Visine, Lumify.  If  you have not had a complete medical eye exam by an Eye MD in the last 2 years get an appointment and go in to have them checked. Ask the technician not to put any eye drops in your eye till the Eye MD ophthalmologist looks at them because redness is one or your concerns.
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Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll monitor it for a little while longer and will get an appointment.
Is the sun damage permanent now, or will it go away? And can that affect my vision? Or do issues on the white areas on the eyes typically not cause problem?
Use a search engine and look up "pterygium" and "pinguecula"   they have to be very large before cause problems.  Excess sun exposure especially in light colored eyes can also increase risk of cataract and macular degeneration.  Sun damage to our skin and body never goes away, (except things like sunburn)  it's like x ray exposure and smoking it is all totaled by the body over a lifetime.
Will do, thank you.
I had a period of time where I was using a tablet at high brightness rather close to my face at night time for many days on end, which I have since ended knowing that’s bad.
Is it possible that may have caused the red veins and the yellow sun spots? The bright light so close to my face? Or do only the suns’ UV rays have that capability?
Light from electronic screens doesn't do sun damage but cause the amount of UV is so small.  However prolonged use of screens (the world average for developed countries is more than 8 hrs) causes myopia in the young and dry eyes in everyone. Dry eye is one of the most common causes of red eyes.
Understood. I am younger, approaching my 20s. I will look into myopia more. That causes nearsightedness, correct? Or does it have no effect directly on vision?
My apologies, I didn’t realize that myopia was nearsightedness itself.

Thank you very much for the help, I sincerely appreciate it. It was very informative and helpful!
You are welcome jtabson
You are welcome jtabson
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