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Redness appeared on plica semilunaris

I noticed a red blotch on the pink fleshy part of my eye between the caruncle and the actual eye ball itself. This seems to have appeared very suddenly as I get a close look at my eyes every morning putting in contacts and did not notice it yesterday until around 10am. It has been unchanged in appearance since then. This is not on my eyeball, but rather the pink flesh in the inside corner (google tells me this is the plica semilunaris). I dont see much out there on what this could be. Broken blood vessels or an allergic reaction are the only things that come up, but nothing exactly similar to what I have. I have no change in vision, no discharge, no itchiness, the eye feels about like it always does. I do have blepharitis and occasional dry eye symptoms, but this is a new one. I have attached a link to a photo of my eye. My eye is turned as far as it will go, so they aren't as bloodshot as it appears. The red spot also does not have any dimension to it, just coloration change and is contained to the flesh, it does not go on to the eye ball itself. Any thoughts on what this could be? Thank you.

Picture: https://i.imgur.com/HpFrgMX.jpg
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Anytime anything on or around the eye in a contact lens wearer the problem is the contacts 90% of the time. Discuss with the doctor that fit your contacts.
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That is surprising. I have been in contacts for over 20 years and never seen this before. I guess this isn't a common condition. Is this something that requires urgent or immediate care?
Not unless very painful, pus discharge or badly blurred vision. Remember the longer you wear contacts, the older you get, the more problems develop. That is why not as many contact lens wearers persist past age 40-45
Ok thank you for the help. Other than appearance I have no symptoms. Out of curiosity, what do most people switch into after contacts? I have high myopia (-7 contacts) and find glasses to be a hindrance in daily activities due to the high prescription. I have avoided LASIK due to potential dry eye complications.
If you give up or unable to wear contacts (many people with dry eyes cannot wear contacts) the choices are glasses, referactive surgery or 'clean lens exchange" which is bascically doing a cataract operation on a lens that doesn't have a cataract.
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