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Right eye blurry with floaters and flashes

Hi, i started getting blurry vision in my right eye 2 weeks ago and it has gradually gotten worse, 5 days ago i got 2 floaters in my eye with 2 flashes, flashes have not come back again. Yesterday i went to the opticians here in the UK where i done many tests such as puffing air in my eyes, dilating then and getting them checked, vision test by seeing clicking the remote every time i see a flash, i also had pictures taken of both of my eyes. The optometrist doctor thoroughly checked my eyes by diluting them and checking the back. She said my eyes look healthy and fine from the back, but she only noticed the 2 floaters. She said that she didn't see any retina detachment or any other issues. However, i am worried as j have CMV and i think i have CMV retinitis. Would this have been seen in the eye exams they did? All she told me was to get checked again in 6 months but she told me to go straight to the eye hospital incase i get loads of flashes and floaters together. I still have blurry right eye that does not get better but gradually worse every day, the floaters are not much of an issue. I am worried that i have CMV retinitis, i do not have HIV, but i have read that people with weakned immune systems can get it and i do have a weakend immune system but is getting back up. Thanks
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Yes CMV is pretty to diagnose even for a non-MD optometrist.  Do internet search and look at the very noticeable changes it causes on the retina.
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Thanks for the reply, would you have any idea what would be causing my eye to go blurry daily even though when checked it looks healthy other than a few floaters? I am 20 years old and have always had perfect vision untill recently. Thanks
Floaters are common at your age, about 1 in 5 higher if you are myopic (nearsighted)
Would you know any reason why my right eye is constantly blurry even though when it was checked they said it looks fine and healthy, it seems to be getting gradually worse every day. Glasses dont help.
And my last answer will be a dodge.   All people differ in skills, ability, interest and effort put forth.  The optom  might have been the most skilled in the UK or completely incompetent or in a hurry.  If you are going to lose sleep over it see an Eye MD  in USA we call ophthalmologists.  If you can't get done in the socialized system then see a private consultant (used to be on Harley street)
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