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Right eyelid red and swollen

Hi, I am a 47 yr old woman.The eyelid above my right eye has occasionally over the years turned red as if sunburned,and has been accompanied by headache, and pressure.Taking an Ativan stops it, if it hasn't gotten too bad.
       For about the last month, my right shoulder is rigidly tight.There is a big muscle in there which runs up my neck, and gets really hard.It is sore to touch, from being tense.Heat seems to help the muscle.When it is at it's worst, the back of my neck is stiff, and my red swollen eyelid turns into a nasty headache, sometimes with nuralga(sp?) on right side of skull, and my jaw aches.I've also noticed my right pupil is slightly larger than left one.My right eyelid tends to droop when I'm tired.
      My father had iritis.
      Can anyone help?
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Your eye symptoms cry out for a medical eye exam by an Eye MD. Find one at www.aao.org

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Dear Sir:
        Thank you very much.Am going to eye clinic this afternoon.....kelly
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Did they ever figure out what was wrong? I have the same issue. Hurts so bad.  My eye is red above the lid(right eye) and shoulder and neck so stiff. Bad migraine for a few days now.
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If you google something like " migraine neck pain," you will find that there can be a connection, and that perhaps intensive treatment of the migraines may help.
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