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A year back I was diagnosed with increased eye pressure of 24,24 in both the eyes....I used some steroid for 6 7 months.....From that time till now 2 times my VF cane normal...
OCT improved and today my RNFL is 102,103 resp....Gynoscopy shows no blockage of angles.....Pachymetry shows Cornea thickness of 596um....Slip Lamp findings of dilated eye shows no cupping....But still my Eye pressure keeps on increasing upto 22 23....And My doctor seems not concerned about this....She wants me to remain drop free....But i am using latonoprost from a month now...and my IOP are 10-13 in morning and evening....and 16-18 in afternoon....She Diagnosed my as Steroid Responder....Instead of Glaucoma Suspect.....Can somebody kindly suggest me what to do....I dnt want to go blind....
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You have asked 21 questions, almost all the same.  It is not likely you have glaucoma and unlikely at this time you need latanoprost. With a thickness of your cornea of 596 and the pressure taken by tonometry the true pressue in the eye is about 4 points less.  Even if you do have glaucoma the latanoprost is lowering your IOP to ultrasafe  level, the med is not expensive and has few side effects.   Some ophthalmologists would NOT treat you and follow with regular glaucoma tests, others would leave you on latanoprost. I'm not commenting further. If you don't get the picture after this many posts,  I don't have anything further to say. Your fear of going blind is unfounded if you stay with your ophthalmologist.
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One Last Question Sir....For How Long Latanoprost is able to control the IOP...I read some articles which says that Timolol has a capability of controlling IOP for 10 15 years without developing resistance...While Latanoprost can only do this for 4 5 years....After this our body develop resistance towards it and it needs to be changed....Kindly tell me if this study is true or not....
Everything you read is wrong.  Now no more.
Everything you read is wrong.  Now no more.
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