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Seeing Glares, Halos, Starbursts (no laser surgery done)

I'm age 31 and shortsighted.

About 5 weeks ago I started to notice that I was seeing glares, halos and starbursts. I know this is a common side effect of laser surgery done to the eyes but I haven't had any done myself!

The most common example of the glare would be if a monitor was displaying a bright color near the bottom of the screen (e.g. white), it leaks out of the bottom.

During the day when it's sunny, the sun reflects off cars and gives annoying starbursts into my eye.

The night gives similar starbursts from lampposts in addition to halos. Also if I go into a dark room with a candle, the candle seems to be giving off mini laser beams heading into my eye.

I've been both to an optometrist (confirmed my glasses' prescription is fine) and ophthalmologist who have stated that my eyes are fine and healthy. No obvious problems with the corneas or retinas.  

If I close my eyes somewhat or squint then the symptoms become much worse. However if I open my eyes wide (uncomfortable) then I can see perfectly without glares, halos or starbursts!

Now I'm no expert but been reading up a lot on this condition and believe that this may be some sort of refraction error related to the tear film? (only thing I can guess at which explains why opening my eyes wide "fixes" the problems) Maybe its a higher order aberration?

I wasn't examined with an aberrometer (wavefront exam) yet which is suppose to be effective at picking up higher order aberrations. Do you think it's worth a shot to see if I can get examined by one?

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If you want to pursue this I suggest you see a corneal specialist and have a corneal topography to be sure you do not have irregular corneal astigmatism.

You can find one at www.getyeyesmart.org

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