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Seeing strang things in my eye please help!!

Let me start this by saying hi my name is Diana, I am 37, 5 feet 6in and about 280lbs, No kids and never married. I have Uveitis in my left eye ( I have been taking prednisolone 1% drops for 4 years in left eye only and am now being weaned off ) I have Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (Taking 20 MG of Lasix once a day )-( Opening LP is average around 30-38 ) I have Severe dry eye in both eyes ( Taking Thera tears up to 4 times a day in each eye ) I have hypothyroidism ( taking 25 MCG of synthyriod once a day ) I have high cholesterol ( Taking 20 MG of Simvastatin once a day ) I have Fibromylgia ( Taking Motrin 800MG up to 3 times a day ) I have severe Depression (Taking 200 MG of Zoloft once a day) I have severe Anxiety ( Taking 2 MG of xanax 3 times a day ) I have GURDS ( Taking 150MG Zantac twice a day )

I have uveitis in my left eye, I had in my left eye, cataract surgery July/25/2012 and then surgery 8/18/2014 for a Macular hole repair with vitreous removal, replacing it with saline and gas. Took 4 weeks for the bubble to go away. Was told to keep head down as much as I can but didn't have to posture face down because I had already had cataract surgery.

Since then I have not gotten much better, I still see a gray spot where my Macular hole was ( all doctors say the hole has closed!? ) and I now have severe Macular puckering and the floaters are so much worse now in my left eye since the surgery, now to add to my problem, about 1 and 1/2 months ago I started to have double vision in my right eye and my IOP is 23 with lots of strange flashing in my peripheral in both eyes. I have floaters in both eyes and have had them for years. I am so worried about my right eye, I can see with my glasses  at 20/15 in my right and about 20/100 in my left.

But like I said since my last surgery 9/18/2014 that was in my left eye, my right eye has been acting crazy? My peripheral I see strange lights, Flashing in my right peripheral started 11/11/2014 and around 1/15/2015 a comet like flash in my peripheral can be seen almost all the time, day or night eyes open or closed? I see 4 orbs of flashing strobe lights in my center vision in my left eye and just 2 weeks ago started to see one orb of flashing strobe lights in my right eye around where my optic nerve is.

Now I can also see my own blind spot in my right eye by where my optic nerve is located ( I know everyone has a blind spot above their optic nerve), Wondering if because I am so afraid of something bad happening to my right eye I am more keen to seeing it??? Its kind of like a shadow, this can only be seen mostly on a bright computer or very light room with white walls, AND don't get me started how bad that makes the floaters! I am also seeing in my right eye a black spot when I look at something light in color when I move my eye from left to right? It is not all the way in my right peripheral, more like at the bottom of my right eye right before the peripheral kinda like the very bottom of my optic nerve?, BUT can't be seen all the time? I have sever photo-phobia in both eyes can this just be a form of that??

I have had my eyes checked by three different Ophthalmologist & Retina Specialist, Last check up was a week ago and right eye looks fine still and optic nerve is looking perfect!?. Expect IOP is 23, ( I never had any high IOP problems till after my last surgery?? )  I have had MRI's, MRA's and MRV's many CAT scans, 3 LP's, and so many other tests that I can't remember their names,but all the doctors say my right eye is very healthy??? As does my neurologist and optic- neurologist. I have been through so much and I am so sorry this was so long, I just wanted to make sure all my info was stated so you have everything that I know of to go on, I am afraid of losing my sight.. PLEASE HELP, I am so lost and so afraid that I sometimes think I would be better off dead then waiting to see what may happen next! I am so afraid all the time, and the doctors answer my questions about my eye problem and my eye surgery, but never tell me anything about, could my dry eye be making my see things? Can my stress be making me see worse things? Can the fact my left eye is still trying to heal be making my right eye more fatigued? Oh yes I also have OCD and I am obsessed with this as you can tell, I look at lights for hours and can't stop, trying to see my dark spots, flashes and floaters, trying to see them all the time, I feel like if I find them I will be able to say there it is, and you're still ok, but it only makes things more stressful and yet I can't stop looking for every problem.. As I said I am going crazy over the fear of going blind AND I KNOW that looking at a bright white computer screen for hours moving my eyes all around looking at the problem can hurt me and make it worse, but I can't seem to stop.

I keep hoping this next time I do it, I wont see it and I will be better and the next thing I know I have been doing to for 3 hours!! Same goes with my lamps?? Will this make me go blind? Or could this be causing me to see everything that I am seeing and if I can find a way to stop, do you think maybe the dark spots will go away? I have stopped for days before and it didn't get better so I am just at such a loss.. so stressed and ready to just give up on everything!!

P.s I am adding a picture, my left eye is on the right of the picture, All the treatments and surgery's have turned it a bright green and lazy, my eyes are normally a very pale blue. Here they are dilated.
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No one knows? I have read other posts and seen a lot of problems, I just need someone to some what relate to just something!?
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I currently have a macular hole, and am having the cataract surgery in May to prep for the MH surgery. So I know - this *****!

I too spend a lot of time research all of these issues, and just joined MedHelp today for that reason. I'm sure that I'm obsessing about my future. Who wouldn't? Let's face it - I know it's never going to be "the same" for me again. I had a retinal detachment tow years ago, and now the inevitable cataract and floaters. I know this is tough to read, but find a way to let your mind and eyes relax, and find some vision therapy to get your eyes and brain working together again. You eyes themselves are only one part of the visual experience. I'm dong some convergence and divergence exercises, and they really help.  

All the best to you!
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for answering me, That meant so much to me... I am so so SO Sorry you have to go through this... Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing and again... THANK YOU
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