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Should I avoid bumpy roads after retinal detachment surgery?

Hi there,  I have had two retinal detachments the last one was 6 months ago and had surgery with gas bubble and cryo I have been out more recently and have become uneasy at how bumpy and potholed the roads are. Our car does not gave the vest suspension. Should I be avoiding travel or am I over reacting.
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Anyone and their automobile are best off avoiding potholes.  However it is most unlikely that hitting a normal size pothole would cause another RD. Discuss with your surgeon, it will make you feel better.
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Thank you that has reassured me
Happy to help. There was a study about jogging after RD surgery and it did not increase the risk of re-detachment.
That is good to know as I have been avoiding the gym still also I still have a couple of small pea size bits of gas bubble still after 6 months , is that strange? My first fa's bubble completely dispersed after 8 weeks although I was aphakic at that time.
That you need to discuss with your surgeon.
Hi there I have asked my surgeon via his secretary regarding the bubbles I can still see and he says it is highly likely that are residual fluid from the operation and not bits of has bubble.  He says if they bother me  he can remove them. He didn't seem unduly concerned They don't bother me as they are out of my eyeline and I can only really see them when I tip my head back. I have read though that no liquid should be left in the eye as it can cause serious issues. Is it safe to leave it or do I need to go and see him with a view to removing them?
You have read wrong.  Air and SF6 gas eventually reabsorb.  Silicon oil is often left in the eye permanently with complicated RDs.  The material the surgeon was talking about could be residual vitreous floaters/membranes, old blood residue.  If the surgeon isn't concerned I would advise you not to be either.  Since they don't bother you don't go to the expense and danger of another surgery.
Thank you so much for that I know I shouldn't Google stuff I don't understand lesson learnt. Thanks again
Thank you so much for that I know I shouldn't Google stuff I don't understand lesson learnt. Thanks again
You are welcome, over and out.
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