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Should my Astigmatism axis vary this much in 6 months?

Hi all. In short, I had an eye test in October 2018. I was told to return within a few months to double check the prescription. I returned this weekend (different optician but the same company) and my prescription has changed significantly in terms of the astigmatism axes. I was under the impression that a few degrees of variation was normal. But this is much more.

I did go back to the most recent shop and the lady behind the counter told me “the values have hardly changed”, so not to worry. She would not double check my prescription.

Can anyone shed any light on whether the axes changes are realistic?

Right: +1 sph, -0.25 cyl, 85 axis
Left: +1 sph, -0.5 cyl, 110 axis
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Right: +0.75 sph, -0.25 cyl, 5 axis
Left: +0.75 sph, -0.25 cyl, 5 axis
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You have virtually NO astigmatism. The minimum unit of glasses power is 0.25 diopter so you are just a hair away from no astigmatism. With such a week power it is difficult for people to choose the same "axis"   There is virtually no change between the two and most people would tell no difference in the vision with either glasses with similar frames and lens types.
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