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Side effects from OCT/Light sensitivity?

I had an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan 5 days ago and have experienced incredible eye discomfort and migraines ever since. The intense flashing light really bothered me. I went back to the ophthalmologist who asked me if I ever had a seizure (I have not) and recommended that I have a series of tests done (carotid duplex and echocardiogram).
While I will make appointment with my PCP to follow up, I am wondering if there are other tests I should have. Also my main thought is: could I just be sensitive to intense flashing lights?
I find resting my eye with an eye path an warm compresses make it feel better, but it hasn't gone away. Is there anything else I can do?
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Your experience with OCT is unusual but may also be a result of the stress of the testing, your original symptoms and your stress over what might be causing your symptoms. You may also try artificial tears such as Refresh, Systane, Soothe, Opteve, etc. Sometimes these tests can dry the cornea.

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Hi annemholte , did you ever get better or any resolution to this?
No posts from that person since 2016 and then just one. If you are having a problem start a new post/discussion.
Funny you should ask. I was ok until I started working on this year's Christmas lights. I got zapped in the eyes with some laser lights. Now I'm getting migraine headaches every night.
Thanks for the follow up.  Supports that OCT technology does not do anything that should cause headaches.  Many people with migraines have bright light as a initiator of their headaches.
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You should go for an eye care specialist and take your OCT test properly.

The OCT test which is commonly performed for glaucoma and macular degeneration can usually be done without pupil dilation, but it is commonly performed during the annual dilated exam. A baseline test takes approximately 10 minutes. Repeat scans take approximately 5 minutes per eye.

After you take the test then all the queries are solved and doctors give you appropriate suggestions related to your OCT test report.
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