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Similar pain in veins in Orbit of eye

I am too experiencing a similar type of pain in orbit but not related to blinking of eyes.
I too showed many ophthamals but they could not diagnose anything.
they refered me to neurologist but the sensory organs were ok.No clinical problems were detected.

I actually had a Lasik done in 2004.It was okay till now. but this pain happened after adding Antioxidants in my eye
which probably created pressure in my eye.the eye couldnt sustain it. Hence it dropped down in the orbit.

Now this has become a very depressing thing.Its being going around from 3 months.
When i sleep in the night i feel a lot of heaviness in the orbit and some kind of muscle pinching.

this pinching causes a lot of pain while travelling and while working on computers.

Couldnt find out any possible solutions ?? but this is reaaly hampering my confidence and concentration level.

It feels like someone has stretched my veins and they doesnt seem to subside.this veins are being seen from outer portion of eye.
Also i feel like the orbital curve tend to stretch but they collide with something in their path and an obstruction is created which causes further pain.I also find pain in orbit while speaking,eating.
It feels like there is some kind of blockage that the nerves are not able to free themselves.

I also feel similar pain on eye movements.

conclusion: My dearest suggestion to all guys out there would be to not to go for any kind of Lasik surgeries,
since it might improve your vision but it will destroy your life due to complications.

This discussion is related to Chronic pain around left eye when i blink   heaviness around left eye.
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You may need reading glasses now. At some point that is going to be true whether you had Lasik or not. In that case, the pain will almost always be related to performing near work, reading, computer, sewing, etc. It usually doesn't happen while sleeping. More likely, it could very well be that you are suffering from sinus congestion, or possible sinus infection. Talk to your medical doctor or possibly see an ear nose throat specialist since you have already seen an ophthalmologist.
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Hi Doctor,

Thanks very much for ur kind comments.
I really appreciate you have spent time to attend my query.

But doctor i do not have any number in my eyes. I regularly wear "0" number spectacles . By wearing it i feel a little difference in reduction of pain in right orbit. But the pain in left orbit (in veins and in tissues) is so much that it doesnt subside.

I had -5.75 number in left eye.
I had even shown to ENT surgeon .But they said its "OK".There is no problem when seen in "Waters view" x ray.

I have to take 2 tablets of Betnesol(steroid -sodium betamethasone)to get my day thru and pain subsides to around 30-40%.

This changes occured after i added "Antioxidants" in my left eye.
(Tetracycline hydrochloride(once a day) and Flouromethasone eye drops(twice in a day) for 5 days.

I have to also add lubricants due to dryness.
But i am experiencing too much pain in veins in orbit(pinching pain)
even when i add the simplest of lubricants(carboxymethyl cellulose)
I too have to constantly change this lubricants otherwise i feel like there is too much swelling in orbit(either in veins or muscle tissues) and pain increases.

Doc, do you know any acupuncture techniques to cure this pain?
since i have tried every alternative to subside this pain but it subsides only with Betnesol tablet.

your solution in this might be most helpful and appreciated.

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