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Slight Eye Droop

Hey All,

I've always known one eye blinks more than the other, but I recently did some hosting for a company who really noticed this and it was a little bit of an issue.  In the video link I'm posting you can see (especially around .23 seconds and on) my left eye stay slightly lower than the right.  Now this makes me look really weird and as if I have some sort of issue.  I've never brought this up to a doctor (just saw an eye doc last week and didn't even think of it).. But I'm wondering if this is possibly a big issue or minimal.  If this is something I can work on or fix please let me know as I would hate for this to hinder future endeavors..  


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I took a look at your video, and there is significant droop or lag in your left eye. There are many causes for this problem. 2 things you definitely need to do. See your regular medical doctor, and ask for some basic blood work, including a thyroid workup. You also need to have your eye doctor take a really good look at your eyelid function.
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Thank you for your time.  I just set up a an appointment with my PCP (Tomorrow) and have reached out to the eye doc.  Hopefully it's nothing serious?

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