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Spots in vision that are not floaters

I have this strange thing with my vision. If I look to the far right or left I see a spot... it's gray and somewhat translucent. This also happens when I look upwards. If I shake my head I can see the spots flickering.

This started when I was 25 and I'm now 34. I managed to live with it but now it's started to scare me as I think it may be getting slightly worse.

I went to an ophthalmologist (7 years ago) and he ran every test imaginable and found nothing. He then sent me for an MRI of my brain and orbits with and without contrast, again everything showed up as fine. Lastly, I went to an neuro-opthamologist and she saw nothing.

It appears equally in both eyes and at times I see my pulse and veins. Other than this my vision is fine(slightly myopic), I have had floaters since I was a teenager and I suffer from ocular migraines/migraine with aura (this is not a migraine).

As far as all test can tell, my eyes appear healthy but there is clearly something going on. It almost feels or looks like there's a muscle being pulled or perhaps circulatory problems? Any amount of light pressure produces these spots, even yawning or widening my eyes.

I just had a physical and I'm healthy. I'm not overweight and exercise regularly.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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I would continue to have an annual exam by an ophthalmologist.  It's not likely a problem. When looking extreme left and right some people have "spot" that is really nose blocking vision. Others can see spot in both eyes due to tension of eye muscles pulling on eye and extreme gaze this can appear in any field of gaze but at the extremes.
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