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Hi all,

I have quite a story to tell so im trying to find answers to my issues;

Basically i had lasik in march 2018, no dry eye and a little bit of glare/halo because of my large pupils but nothing too severe.

In Jan 2019 (9 months later) i had accutane for my acne, aka isotretinoin, ever since i took this i woke up one day with a lot of floaters in both eyes, i tried to get used to them but couldnt because at the time i was a truck driver, so i ended up having a vitrectomy on both eyes to remove these which was done with no issues.

When i finished the course i was left with MGD and gland atrophy with a tbut of 4 seconds.

The issue ive had ever since the surgery/dry eyes is that in the day i have BLINDING starbursts, but not just the starbursts there are streaks that shine off them, which are controllable by my eyelids, the more i squint the longer the lines go, i never had these before taking the mediciation.

Im extremely light sensitive and have seen so many doctors and cornea specialists yet nobody can tell me why im having this issue because apart from having evaporative dry eye, my cornea looks pretty good with no problems.

i literally spend my whole life inside because i cant go outside anymore when its bright, i was hoping from the vitrectomys it could be a cataract so i know whats causing it, but i have zero signs of a cataract.

This is so disabling!!
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I have sent your post to a world famous cornea/refractive/cataract-IOL  surgeon. If he has time to respond I will post his suggestions and thoughts.   JHagan MD
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Much appreciated mate
I'm sorry but my world expert did not respond.   Both my wife and I have Ocular Surface Disorder (patients call it Dry eyes). There are two types  no tears =  aqueous deficiency (I have bad) and too many tears = evaporative type (my wife has)  Both of us using artificial tears 6-8 times/day. Both of us have been on restasis for over 6 years with great results. takes 4-6 months for them to work.  There is a new double strength cyclosporin on a patented carrier (CEQUA) that works over 3-4 months. You should probably discuss Cequa with your cornea/refractive surgeon.
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