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Steroid drops?

Hello Dr. Hagan. I hope all is well with you and yours. In your article, "Consider ALL the Options", when discussing astigmatism correction, you included as one option, "placement of incision along steep axis of cornea-make incision larger-use more steroid drops". Would you please explain further why using more steroid drops is beneficial in this scenario?
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If a person is going to have cataract surgery, the surgeon can move the incision to the steep axis of the corneal atigmatism and make the incision there, the incision flattens the cornea and reduces the astigmatism,  using steroid post operatively longer than normal enhances the effect.  This method is not used much anymore since the development of laser correction of astigmatism. Used much more in the past than now.  Also does not work well for "with the rule" astigmatism since almost everyone operates horizontally now.
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Thank you for answering my question Dr. I was just curious about the steroid drops, as I am scheduled for LE cataract surgery Wednesday. I have begun a course of acyclovir (at my request) due to an outbreak of hsv in that eye about 5 years ago. They have prescribed prednisolone drops 4 times/day following surgery. I believe that is their standard procedure. I was wondering if I should be concerned about that amount of steroid drops since you once advised me that that steroid drops can cause a flare up of the hsv. I had to initiate the conversation about the antiviral medication. I'm trying to figure out if it's safe to go ahead and use the drops the first day and politely raise my concern at my follow up appt, or call their office today and ask the question. I totally respect and appreciate your opinion, Dr.
Our policy would be to put such a person with history of HSV on oral antivirals and keep them on the antivirals for about 6-8 weeks until steroid drops and NSAIDS drops are tapered and stopped.  We start the oral antivirals a day or two before surgery. So I think you have made the wise decision.
Thank you so much, Dr. You definitely helped ease my mind.
best of luck
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