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Strabismus and Myopia

I have had Myopia for quite a while (about 5 to 6 years), and used glasses for most of that period. But then, after my lenses were outdated, I went to make a new one but I was noticing a slight double vision. Then I went to the doctors, they said I have strabismus and got me glasses with prism, but, I would like to do surgery for both Strabismus and Myopia. My questions are, if can I correct both problems without further complications; if strabismus surgery is going to correct my double vision(diplopia), and what kind of anesthesia is used on both(General or Local+Sedative, and what route is used).

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Two completely different surgeries.  For strabismus, general anesthesia is required.  Ask your surgeon but there is not a guarantee it will fix the double vision.  Success ranges in the 80-90% area.

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Thanks for the answer! I am glad to know success rates are high. I'll soon meet my doctor and better discuss everything.

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