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Strange visual phenomenon

I'm recovering from an internal stye on the upper eyelid of the left eye and now I just discovered this new "effect" with this eye,when looking up  I can see a white bright thing appearing near the upperside of my nose outline, it appears to be a bright smudge spot.
I can see this thing when pushing my lower eyelid even when pushing down my upper cheek too.
What could it be?

I don't remember seeing this before but it's been over 6 years I noticed this "washing out " on the lower part of my vision in both eyes when I strain my vision as I look up,  I get dark spots but it occurs more if I strain my eyes sideways near something plain white, like walls  .
I did went to eye md in that time but that was two years ago.
I thought something was going to be wrong with my eye but the Eye doc performed dilation, he even pushed my eyelid to perform retina check with some sort of light , the moment he pushed my eyelid I could se this "washing out" below my vision. He performed all kind of exams, fundus , pressure,  and said my eye health is in  good shape,  he said only degree of myopia increased a bit to minus 2.75
and I get over it  ,even floaters I just forgot them and learned to live my life.

I just want to know what is this? why I'm seeing this thing when I look up, is my sore eyelid doing this? My left eye is healing now, I am not feeling pain like two days ago, the eyelid is a bit swollen,  but not much like before.
I'm trying not to obsess with this but is hard. In my country is in lockdown because the pandemic.
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This question is relatively easy to answer and has been asked on this forum many times in one way or another.  Many of the weird phenomena that people post here are "entoptic phenomena"   READ THIS CAREFULLY:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entoptic_phenomenon         When the eye is pressed on whether by a finger, or a stye on the eyelid or pulled on by the eye muscles looking as far in one direction as possible the pressure itself stimulates the retina and a light/shadow/beam can be perceived. The darker the environment the easier it is to see.  As the article outlines there are all sorts of entoptic phenomena including the blue field effect or 'flying corpuscle" where you can actually see the blood cells circulating in your retina, when light comes into the eye at an unusual angle you can see the blood vessels in your eye "the Purkinje Tree"
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So this is called entoptic phenomenon
Interesting knowing about this
I always think my vision is fading out sideways because I can see this effect in dim light
*just to correct , not dim light but  artificial light, lamp light
Never mind , thanks for the reply
You are welcome, stay well.  If this were anything serious over 6 other symptoms should have developed or the spot gotten bigger and there all the time.
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