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Sudden Astigmatism?

Hello, I am a 28 years old and I've had a problem for about 5 days.

Basically it all started one night when I noticed my PC's taskbar being doubled and thought there was something in my eyes but it didn't clear up even after a good wash I figured I was just tired and went to bed. The next day, it didn't go away.

The eyes (left especially) both have slight astigmatism if I tilt my head back but it goes away if I tilt it forward, but at the same time, tilting forward makes light have a lot of "starbursting" light shafts. Also, the pinhole test (done with a old credit card) makes it go away. No pain or anything else whatsoever by the way.

I also recently had itchy and red eyes and thought it might be related since it seems to be present in both eyes, slightly more on the left one. This one also still has an on and off "something in my eye" sensation as I'm writing this.
I'm currently using some antibiotic drops and  just to be on the safe side since the same left eye seemed to be more sticky in the morning.

Going to go to an ophthalmologist next week if this doesn't clear up or get much better but I'm really baffeled how this happened and kinda worried as I've never had any eye problems and don't wear glasses.
Could it be allergies? , conjunctivitis? , viral?, abrasion? or something really bad that won't go away?

Thanks for listening to my rambles, I'm really on edge and would appreciate some advice.
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It sounds like allergies, conjunctivitis, a corneal abrasion, or even a teeny eyelash that is pointing inward.  The 'tell' is the foreign body sensation you describe.  That's not part of astigmatism.

Anything that irritates the cornea can cause swelling and screw up a sharp image.
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I sure hope so, though it's been a week. Do minor corneal scratches or irritation take this long to completely go away?

The ghost image seems to be a little less offset today, but I'm not not 100% sure it may be just my optimism. It seems nearly gone in my right eye as well. Here's hoping.

Going to an ophthalmologist tomorrow.
Still worried since it may be Keratoconus or something bad like that so I'm gonna definitely ask for a corneal topography.
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"Do minor corneal scratches or irritation take this long to completely go away? "

Sure.  If what caused the irritation or swelling has not been eliminated, healing will not take place.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself referred to an allergist for testing.
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