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Swapping oil bubble for gas bubble

I had surgery for a fully detached retina 13 weeks ago, the surgeon was unsure if he could fix it as it was in a bit of a mess and my original sight in the eye was only around 10%! He explained pre op that this could be treated with a gas bubble or silicone oil and told me he would be opting for the oil. At my last check he told me that he would need to remove the oil and REPLACE it with a gas bubble though it poses high risk of detachment again so im a little stressed. I also have a cyst developed beneath the retina due to ointment used in the previous op seeping under the retina, adding to this i have what seems to be a steamy window effect going on and although its great to have the light back in the eye my sight i would say has halved. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. I return for this next surgery October 15th. Thanks in advance!!
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Retinal detachments that require silicone oil put in the eye are the most severe type. So your story in not unusual and if you use the search feature you will find many posts by people with oil, SF6 gas, air and complicated detchments. It will probably be many months before you know how much, if any your vision will recovery. know you other eye is at high risk of RD, take good care of it.
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Thanks for the reply... yeah I am sure there are lots of people going through the same thing, it’s just a little scary. Can I ask how my other eye would be at high risk or RD too?!
The risk factors for RD:  high myopia, previous trauma, previous cataract surgery, retinal pathology like lattice or retinal holes, positive family history of RD,  PVDs    all tend to occur in both eyes.   RD is relatively uncommon in people who have not had cataract surgery and don't have risk factors about one in 8000 to 12000 but with RD in other eye risk can be as high as 1-15%
Ok I see.. thanks for the response!!
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