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Problem with Crystlense HD Implant
by Omp1, 6 hours ago
DR. Oyakawa:

This is a Re-Post get an expert's help when I need badly.  Please note that doctor who performed surgery and the doctor who gave second opinion , both received Center of Excellance Award from Crystense.

I had cataracts surgery for my right eye on August 10, and Crystlense HD was implanted. I am now myopic; I can see better than before upto 18", but beyond that it is blurry; I can see top two lines in Eye Chart.  My doctor believes that the lense is slightly mislocated in the capsule bag in anteriorAnterior cruciate ligament (acl) injury
Anterior knee pain
Anterior vaginal wall repair position.  He recommende that the lense be removed and may be substituted by Restore or Rezoom lense.  Doctor stated that I have PCO.  But YAG is not an option if a new lense has to be implanted.

I have early stages of dry AMD in my right eye.

I consulted another eye doctor.  Her recommendation was not to remove the lense, but go through YAG.  She thought that if properly done, the lense may move slightly in posteriorAnterior vaginal wall repair
Posterior fossa tumor
Posterior heart arteries
Posterior spinal anatomy
Skeleton (posterior view)
Spinal fusion
Vertebrobasilar circulatory disorders position.  She believed that after YAG, may be laser surgery could be performed to improve my vision.

These are two conflicting approaches, I will greatly appreciate your recommendation


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First, you have to determine if the Crystalens is in the bag.  It seems that one set of haptics are in the sulcus.  If so, I would recommend repositioning.

If you have early stages of AMD I would not recommend a multifocal IOL.  It splits light and your vision will not be as good as with an monofocal IOL.

If the repositioning can not be done I would recommend exchange with a monofocal IOL.

DO NO YAG until they are sure of the problem.  Get a third opinion.

Dr. O.
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Dr. Oyakawa:

I have question about explanting crystlense and replacing with monofocal IOL.  My right eye, which has the crystlense, had better vision comnpared to my left eye, which has more severe dry AMD.  Therefore, I will like to make sure that I have good distance vision in my right eye so that I can continue to drive,  I am currently 72 years old.  Is there a considerable risk in explanting the existing lense & implanting new lense?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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