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Tired eyes - Eye lids red - tired feeling

I am 31 and the symptoms started around 1 1/2 years ago and gradually become worse. I always have a feeling of tired eyes. Above the eyes, the eye lids usually have a pinkish colour, depending on the severity of the tiredness. I usually have the feeling I do not sleep enough, even though I have around 7 to 8 hours a day.
As I work in front of a PC for about 5 hours a day, this seems to make matters worse.
Even driving a couple of hours shows the "tired eyes and pinkish colour" symptoms. The entire problem also makes the lower eye lids saggy, feeling and looking like not enough sleep and exhaustion.

I usually try to avoid PC, TV or reading etc. at home as this strains the eyes even more and the pinkish colour gets worse. After getting up in the morning the pink eye lids seem better but still do not feel rested. I noticed cold water will temporarily relax the eyes and lids. I also started using a cold gel eye mask in the evening.

I have already consulted my doctor who referred my to an
Eye Specialist (vision 100%, no dry eyes)
and to a Sleep Doctor without any result (no unusual snoring or breathing abnormalities recorded with an overnight device which I wore) .
I was also asked to try a generic allergy drug (10mg loratadin once a day for 3 days). It only made me more tired but no effect on the eyes.

Unfortunately my doctor is clueless on how to proceed.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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I have no suggestions.

Dr. O.
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i have similar symptoms i am 65 the condition has been getting worse over about 5 years
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i have similar symptoms i am 65 the condition has been getting worse over about 5 years
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