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Tired eyes most of the time

I am 53 years of age. Recently, I encountered tired eyes most of the time (that is, not all the time)
due to no apparent reason. I take enough sleep, use eye drops, and drink coffee, but they are all
temporary solutions.
I have 2 chronic illnesses, namely schizophrenia (for more than 20 years) and allergic rhinitis
(for about 40 years).
What may be the probable cause of this tired eyes and the solutions?
Thank you.
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Well, we need to start at the basics.  See an ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam to look for problems like dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma and possible farsightedness and presbyopia.  You might need glasses. Also you may be having some blurred vision due to medications side effects which are very, very common.  Sorry, I don't have any magic answers but I am just trying to lead you in the right direction.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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Thanks Dr. Michael for your reply. Just to share my experiences:  My tired eyes problem is now solved by myself - I am now taking Clarinase tablets morning and night, and it cleared my tired eyes; it is probably the Loratadine in it that solves the problem. The phlegm due to my allergic rhinitis/sinusitis everyday affected me unknowingly for many years and my schizophrenia/major depression also affected my life due to the many side effects of the medicines. About two weeks ago, I tried Ensure from Abbott Laboratories, the phlegm disappeared in the beginning, but it is definitely useful for phlegm, not the tired eyes. I tried Propolis for about a year (claim to be anti-bacterial), and it is also helpful in clearing phlegm and making it white instead of dark green and thick, unless I catch a cold. I checked Wikipedia few days ago, and it seems histamine in the body is somewhat related to schizophrenia. I also took Zyrtec-D, which contains Cetirizine from UCB of Switzerland, as a decongestant in the morning, but now stop because of taking Clarinase. I will continue taking Ensure (balanced nutrition powder), Propolis (health food for allergies) and possibly Clarityne (Loratadine), and occasionally
antibiotics from the GP doctor.
Dr. Michael, I am waiting for the day when Scientists can cure schizophrenia/major depression linked to other discomforts of the body, like rhinitis, and that doctors like you are able to diagnose such cases professionally.

All the best to mankind,
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