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Trifocal IOLs

What are the current views on the trifocal IOLs?

They are available in the London Eye Hospital - I do not know who else does them.

They promise near, intermediate and far without halos !!!

Are they too new for patient feedback and are they another multifocal problem lens in the making.
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The refractive multifocal IOLs such as the Array and Rezoom did this.  However, few used them anymore due to the glare and halos.

Dr. O.
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I've recently had Zeiss AT Lisa Trifocal lenses implanted and have excellent vision at near, intermediate and far distances.  The halos were noticeable after surgery but are now diminishing (5 weeks later).  Noticeable when driving at night but not enough to cause problems and improving daily.
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Hi Sue,

Can you report on how your lenses filter black light. I.e in a nightclub, bowling alley, shop using a uv note checker - do you see a purple glow much larger than previously?

Its what I get with the M+, its very annoying - but I wonder if the lens is not filtering other radiation which could lead to retinal damage.
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The only thing I've noticed is a circular glitter when the light catches (I presume) the concentric rings of the lens and if I move my head slightly this goes away, it obviously depends on the angle of the light.  I haven't noticed any purple glow.
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hi sue, what's your age? i want to ask detail about AT Lisa trifocal

im 24 years old have cataracts on my right eyes only, im still student pilot, this is the hardest part of my life, its nightmare, ive surgery 1 and half months ago, and implanted Monofocal non asperic by alcon, its terrible sight, i can't see near for reading, and terrible sight indoor room, also i have some ghost pic in some low light condition like watching TV, and ligt scattering in angle of the lights, istill have 1.5 cylinder in both eyes, my doctor suggest to do have lasik first to distinguish eleminating into 0 cylinder, because what i read , Astigmatism is the enemy of anykind Multifocal IOL and to reduce the halos glare percentage

are you implanted both eyes or only one eyes? what if in the low light condition such as dim light while reading book or play iPad?
so is it recommended if i use AT LISA trifocal?
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I had AT Lisa trifocal January 2016 and have been extremely unhappy since!! The gigantic halos and ghosting around lights or anything shiny, even the moon and stars, is terrible. The vaseline vision is not something I can live with. The poor vision in low light, such as an Autmn day or if it is too bright, again is unacceptable for me.
I still have to wear glasses at my computer. I can see all the print, but the vaseline quality vision means I need extra help. I would NEVER EVER recommend them
My eyesight was pretty Ok and I did not have cataracts prior to surgery, I wanted to be spectacle free , I required a separate prescription for near and intermediate and was unable to cope with multifocal contact lenses. I believe that if your brain will npt tolerate multifocal contact lenses, you will not adjust to the side effects of the multi focal IOL !!
I now await a date to have the recently opacified lens to be replaced with a monofocal and if that one rids me of all the problems the trifocal gives, I will replace the other one, too.
Thanks for sharing your experience. My opinion 2019 is that these 'premium' lens are still oversold in terms of what people expect of them.
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