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Vitiliform Lesions of the Macula and Dreusen of Optic Nerve

Hi, I am a 35 Year Old Male and have recently been diagnosed with Two Conditions of the eye.

Vitliform Lesions of the Macula and Drusen of the Optic Nerve.

I have undergone CT Scans and full eye exams, Angiogram and I have noticed over the past few weeks straight lines such as lamposts are showing a small bump half way down going out the right. The crazy thing is that 6 months ago the horizon of the sea was showing a bump going down such as this image -------v-------- but now it has inverted upwards and vertical lines bumping out to the right. I constantly use the Amstel Grid to get a clearer indicationof the wavy lines - the left eye is showing fading and the right eye is clear but wavy lines.They eye hospital indicated I do not have AMD but the above conditions of Vitiliform lessions of the macula.
The Photos indicated in my left eye a dip down ---------V-------- whilst my right eye had the same dip but smaller ------v-------but it hasnt disappered and with all my own research I am hitting a brick wall.

I have noticed that peoples faces at a distance are blury but my peripheral vision has not changed nor has colours, when I go close up within a range of 3-5 meters everything is fine, but this dip on straight lines especially the vertical lines is like a small spark out to the right and then comes in.

I am taking macushield to help with the eye proteins and I am aware there is no cure, but this is freeking me out and im worried. The next stage appears to be an eye test consisting of sensors being placed on my face this March 11th 2016 I am assuming this is to detect the photoreciptors and cones to see how active these are.

This all started back in June/July 2015 and is all weird science to me, but any further help or advice would be gratefully appreciated...

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There is no relationship of vitetlliform macular degenration (VMD) to optic nerve drusen and the relationship is incidential.  Use the search feature and read about OND on this website and elsewhere. VMD comes in two forms a childhood form called Best's Disease which is generally very aggressive and progressive and an adult form which is much slower and milder in its progression. You have the adult form which is the lesser of two evils. No treatment is know. The genetics are autosomal dominant in Best form but indeterminate in adult form. This is a good reference http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/vitelliform-macular-dystrophy   You want to live a healthy lifestyle especially with good diet and lots of green leafy vegetables, avoid all nicotine and cannabis, protect your eye from heavy sun exposure, drink in moderation, watch your weight, exercise, see your physician regular for general health monitor and see an ophthalmologist regularly.Your symptoms are all compatible with macular disease. VMD does not affect the peripheral vision, OND does  so only rarely.
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Thank you for your kind response, I actually came across Best Disease in my own research, its one of those genetic disorders that i will have to live with, but are there any other supplements that I could be taking to help with the overal management. The only ones I have been taking is Macushield and Ocuvite, I have to give up smoking, but the dips in straight objects are the most frustrating to live with, but some days its worse than others.

Thank you once again for your kind response

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Supplements pale in the face of continuing to smoke or use nicotine or cannabis.  There are no studies on supplements for Best/VMD)  For age related macular degeneration a multivitamin plus 2  Preservision AREDS 2 supplements helped intermediate and late stage ARMD but not early unless there was extremely poor diet.  Make stopping smoking your #1 health priority. It is impossible to understand how harmful that is to every cell in your body. Good luck.
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