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Vitreous hemorrhage

I have vitreous haemorrhage due to ruptured blood vessel, it's been 1 month doctor is still observing, my vission got better from finger count to 6/9,blood settles in bottom, how much time will it take to full absorption of blood. My age is 21.
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No one can answer this question not even your eye MD. Too many variables. Question is why does 21 year old get ruptured blood vessel. Was this trauma? Are you type 1 diabetic.
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No diabetes, its due to trauma.
Trauma cases are all unique and trauma sufficient to cause hemorrhage in the back of the eye often causes multiple types of other damage: traumatic iritis, hyphema, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, dilocated lens,  permanently dilated pupil. So I can't generalize and you will need to get information from your Eye MD.  PROTECT BOTH EYES FROM FURTHER TRAUMA.
It's almost 1 month  and there is no PVD or retinal detachment. Doctor said she is waiting for the blood to absorb, so she is just observing, i wants to that how much time will this blood get abosrbed.
As I said no one can tell you for sure not even your Eye MD
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