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What about Lasik eye surgery

"Hii all
I'm a bank employee using glasses for the past few years. Without specs, I won't be able to handle my office work. Yesterday I forgot to wear it, and unfortunately, there was a meeting regarding the financial budget. I can't be able to perform well with the absence of spec. To avoid this, I finally decided to put my trust in Lasik eye surgery (https://www.herzig-eye.com/procedures/lasik/)to get rid of my specs. I have made an appointment for the eye check-up to decide whether I'm a perfect candidate for the surgery. The result was positive. So before planning the date, I'm here before you know more about the surgery. Can anyone share your thoughts regarding this? Can I proceed or not, or should I use my specs for lifelong?
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Hi there  I would only say that any surgery carries a risk however small and I can honestly say I regret having eye surgery  for myopia.  I  am of the opinion that unless it is severely affecting your life stick to your specs or try contact lenses. Best of luck however you decide.
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You need to step back and do some more research before you rush into LASIK.  First if the surgery works perfect and you don't need glasses for anything at age 26 when you get in your 40's you will start having trouble with near vision, this is called Presbyopia.  It is why you see reading glasses on a rack at the drug store. As you get into your 50's you will have trouble with not only reading but shopping and seeing the computer screen.  You will need one pair of glasses for reading and a different for computers. that is not practical so you will be in "no line bifocals" (opticians call these multifocals). This loss of ability to focus continues into late 70's and early 80's. that is why  the reading glasses rack has different numbers starting with +1.00 for people in 40's and +3.00 for people in 70's.    
I'm myopic and my RX is -2.50.  I'm in my 70's but can read and use the computer without glasses.  When LASIK came out I was in my late 40's. I knew if I had LASIK I would be trading great near and intermediate vision for better distance (20 ft or farther) vision. Not a good trade for me.  Some LASIK surgeons do not explain presbyopia to patients and that they will need glasses  after mid 40's.  Please post your glasses prescription.
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