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What are the range results when near lenses have been implanted

I’m 73…very healthy….I am going in for my first eye next month. My Dr. has suggested NEAR lenses for both eyes and using glasses for distance. I’m confused about the ranges; near, intermediate and distance. He said that I would be able to use my current glasses for distance. (That’s a positive thing because I have invested $$$ in prescription ski goggles) That leads me to believe that I will be seeing pretty much as I am currently but better close up and clearer because the cataracts are gone. Is that unrealistic to think that? My distance glasses are -2.00 both eyes. I have astigmatism .50 and 1.25 and mild macular pucker. I am not a candidate for Toric. Currently I can function without glasses, not in crisp detail but I can walk around my house, cook etc….needing glasses for TV, driving, movies etc. I do not wear glasses all day, only when needed. I’m worried that post implant I will take my glasses off and see total blur. I have found no posts with results with both eyes implanted with NEAR lenses and glasses for distance. My Dr. is a reputable Dr. at a big hospital in Boston. I would like to banish some of my fears and have trust in what he is doing and what my outcome will be. I would like my vision to not be worse than it is today without glasses. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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You must do your homework BEFORE your surgery as your thought process are flawed. Read this carefully and slowly. If you have questions after you do that go ahead and post.
LINK   https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1648102/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You--2019-2020-Update  ;
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Thank you, I read the entire link, I am not  technical so a lot of it was a foreign language to me. I’m old-school, thinking that if you go to Mass Eye. & Ear your going to get the best. Now this has become very scary. Is there a  layman’s explanation of what the results are having near  lenses put in both eyes and wearing glasses for distance. How would I ask this doctor what the strength of these lenses are and how he is planning to have me wear my current distance glasses post surgery.
Again, thank you for explaining things to me. Could you please confirm that I understood what you said about post operative refractive error to help my vision to wear current glasses post lens implants  
You would ask the surgeron "What is your target post operative residual refractive error"   If you want things to be as near to what they were before surgery, and your glasses RX has been -2.00 then that would be the target post op refractive error.  
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The article I referred you to is written in "layman language." Also Eye surgeons don't talk about 'near lens or far lens"  The term is targeted post operative refractive error.   An intraocular lens (IOL) of +18 diopters might leave one person not needing glasses for driving, another not nearing glasses for reading and another needing glasses for both.   If they target a post operative refractive error of -2.00 it will be much like it is now except you will see better because the cataract will be removed.  The macular pucker may be a problem and may prevent you from seeing 20/20 in that eye and also may let post operative swelling develop under it (cystoid macular edema). You are right Mass Eye & Ear is world class.
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Thank you for giving me the correct terminology. And thank you for explaining post-operative refraction error. I sure hope I’m understanding it correctly. You said with a post-operative refraction error of -2.00 it will be much like it is now.
So in my terminology (the reason I use near lens is because everyone says that monofocal is fixed focus either near or distance) If I have “near” lenses implanted and they set the PO refraction error to -2.00, I should have close to the same vision I have now without glasses, using my current prescription glasses to allow me good distance vision for driving etc. If this is the case you have made my day. I stay close to how I am today but without nasty cataracts……brighter, better close-up vision and wearing my current distant glasses…I could live with that.
Concerning the MP (the reason I am not a candidate for premium lenses (sigh) I have been on drops for months now to help protect me from CME. Fingers  crossed. Again, many thanks for taking the time to explain things to me.
Sure best of luck.
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