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What is this small growth on my lacrimal caruncle?

Hello! 28M Caucasian here. Noticed this small bump on my caruncle about a month ago, hasn't seemed to change since I've noticed it. No pain, no discharge. Any ideas?

Here are a few photos: https://imgur.com/a/mT6sc9Y
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Those are small inclusion cysts. They sometimes are filled with a fat like (sebaceous) material and at other times a more protein/calcium like material, when something like that occors on the eyelids its called a 'concretion" the worrisome things on the caruncle are black (nevus/melanoma)    Nothing to get rid of them.   Almost never need to excise.
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Good day, doc.  I also notice a bump/mass on my caruncle recently.  Same with mm7678 but slightly bigger in size.  I am getting paranoid of what I read on the internet on lesions or mass on the caruncle, and I cannot have a physical consultation with an ophthalmologist because of border restrictions here in our place.  Are they cancerous, doc?  Thank you.
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Hi. There is also growth on my caruncle.  And I am worried because I dont think the bump existed before.  I just noticed it recently.  Does the mass in your caruncle grew in size?
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Malignant tumors of the caruncle are extremely rare.  In a long and busy career I have only seen one.  Most growths are benign. If you can take a high quality photo and post it to a website that I can visit I would be better able to tell.
Hi, Doc Hagan.  I posted the photos via this link https://imgur.com/a/fXhfFbT
Please understand that the rules of MedHelp.org and also physicians freely volunteering their time is that we cannot make exact diagnosis or provide specific medical care or establish a doctor patient relationship.  That being said, as a generalization, your photos appear to be likely a  benign cysts filled with fluid or oil.  When conditions allow and you can travel get in to see an eye MD ophthalmologist to confirm the diagnosis and see if they need to be drained or treated with mild anti-inflammation drops. If you eye is irritated you can try artificial tears.  The general signs of malignancy are not apparent in that photo but check it out when you can but don't stress out
Thank you so much, Doc Hagan!
You are welcome. When you find out what it is please come back and post as a learning experience for others on this forum.
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