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Why won't my eye open in the morning?

Whether it's in the middle of the night or when I first wake up my right eye will not open for a few minutes.  It's almost like it's got it's own mind.  I have treated my eye with drops, ointments, etc.  I've been to an ophthalmologist who ordered an MRI of the brain and orbits.  Both came back negative.  Some days are worse than others.  Today for instance my eye feels like the muscles around it are being squeezed almost like a muscle spasm.  It's almost like I'm clenching my eye shut when I'm sleeping.  It's just the one eye.  I'm at a total loss as are the doctors it seems.  It's very uncomfortable and I have no solution except check with a neurologist next.  Has anyone ever heard of this?
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So this is the 6th question on this problem.  If you have tried all the bedtime gels and ointments and that helps and you want to push the work up. See a neurologist and ask for blood work to rule out ocular myasthenia gravis.
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correction "doesn't help"  
Already took the test.  Waiting for the results.  Should be available by today or tomorrow.
Do tell when you get the results and what thoughts the neurologist had.
Negative for myasthenia gravis.  Interestingly for the first time in a couple years I woke up the other morning and my eye popped right open.  Then it went back to the same ole thing that night.  Last night I woke up about 4:30 am and it popped right open.  When trying to go back to sleep I could feel the eyelid getting heavy and by 6:00 it was slammed shut again, taking about 5 minutes to open.  When I have bad nights I wake up with a centralized headache right around my ocular orbit and man does it hurt all day.  Warm compresses tend to make things worse so I don't use those.  I have been using Occusoft plus lid scrubs and most days they make my eyes feel good.  I rarely use eye drops because my eyes don't feel dry.
Best of luck. I'm out of useful comments.
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